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24 oct. 2007

britney spears new album blackout news

Britney Spears fans being urged to boycott her new album
stephane poirier-les affaires web

britney spears new album The cover of Britney Spears new album 'Blackout' which will come outin the United States on October 30. [Agencies]

A group of Britney Spears former friends and employees is urging her fans to boycott her forthcoming album Blackout till she gets her life under control through an online campaing titled Save the Popstar, Save the World.
We've all hung out with Britney Spears a lot. We've seen Britney Spears at her best and at her worst. And we aren't doing this to be mean.
The group, which also includes a bodyguard, backup dancer and makeup artist, is asking fans through their MySpace-based page not to buy Britney Spears stuff till she gets control of her spiraling life.
The group also accuses Britney Spears new album record label Jive of turning a blind eye to her erratic behavior because she continues to make them money.

And it's sad that people around Britney Spears care so little about someone who makes them so much money.

britney spears new album blackout britney spears blackout

britney spears new album blackout
stephane poirier-les affaires web

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