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25 oct. 2007

online television

by stephane poirier
les affaires web
online television....
all the best of television online

Watch Online Television now, with online television

Download our software online and enjoy television, over 2500 of online television Channels from all over the world for free, directly online from your internet connection! Enjoy unlimited online television TV online Shows, online Sports, online Movies. Music and Adult Programs (Family filter available) and turn any PC into another online television. Best of all, it’s 100% legal – no scramblers, decoders!

Watch your favorite online television TV series, get Music, news, sports, movies, comedy, religious, and adult content anytime you want, anywhere you have an internet connection, right from you own Desktop or Notebook computer. No additional equipment needed.

online television as never been that easy....

Free online television is available from the Web, and is accessible without the need for either a set-top-box, a specific carrier or an operator.

It is easily viewed by connecting the television set to the video output of the computer and accessing the streaming video.

The greatest core theme of the free online television model is that it is based on the same publishing model that exists on the Web: it allows access to an open platform, that anyone can access, use and build for, together with the development of open source software, open standards and formats.

The first country in the world to have its own online television model was Cyprus, which launched in March 2006. This project was created by Dean Di Libero using the Narrowstep telvOS operating system.

Those that create valued and interesting video products have now the opportunity to distribute them directly to a large audience - something impossible with the previous online television distributing models (closed software, closed hardware, closed network).

The free model has been used around the globe by local and independent online television channels aiming for niche target audiences, or to build a collaborative environment for media production, a platform for citizens' media. It isn't strictly a citizen's format either as the broadcast model used in online television for decades will begin to find competition in online television supported by advertising.

online television
by stephane poirier
les affaire web

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